• I sincerely thank everyone who came to the kingdom of God. The news of the kingdom of God is precious and good news like a shower of rain to all who believe in Yehoshua (Jesus real name). Therefore, if anyone opens the door of their heart and listens, they will receive the precious blessings of heaven.

    The message that the kingdom of God wants to deliver is to announce the day of God's grace. When we realize the day of God's grace, the captives will be set free. And the blind will have their eyes opened. Therefore, those who hear, understand, and act upon this message will become priests of the kingdom of God, praise it with a new song, and acknowledge that they are descendants of the blessed.

    The news from the kingdom of God is the news delivered by Yehoshua and the apostles. However, since the Holy Spirit disappeared, it was hidden for two thousand years. But God has chosen us who are weak to share this mystery with the world. Therefore, we praise the Lord and proclaim this good news to the world.

    The kingdom of God distributes the water of life freely. Anyone who is thirsty can receive the water of life without cost. If he receives the water of life, which is God's inheritance, he will become the son of God and enjoy eternal life.

    Holy saints who have come to the kingdom of God! If you seek the truth with a sincere heart, the Lord will surely be with you and will give you the promised Holy Spirit. Therefore, those who believe and knock on this promise will surely be opened, and those who ask will surely receive. I pray in the name of our Lord Yehoshua Christ that God's grace and blessings be with all who come to the kingdom of God.
Latter Rain Holy Spirit Kingdom of God